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About us

Šilalė district partnership Local Action Group (further – LAG) – is a voluntary association, connecting physical and juridical persons of Šilalė’s district and seeking to implement long-term measures of rural development. Organization of partnership represents the interests of rural population of Šilalė district.


Organization was created in 10 of May 2007.. Date of registration – 13 of June 2007. The purpose of organization is to encourage rural residents to think about future prospects for their area. Also representing of different sectors, consulting with  communities, local government, entrepreneurs,  promotion of „bottom-up“ initiative, investigation of needs of rural population, preparation of local  development strategy, initiation of innovative rural development projects, consulting, searching for financial resources in order to implement local development strategy, also supervision of strategy implementation. There is a seek to make women and young people to be an important part of rural areas development.


LAG is trying to implement the principle of innovative rural development, and to involve proactive local people in techniques of solving local problems. So in the strategy there are foreseen actions, which will be implemented in various rural areas for the first time, where direct objective groups and rural population will be included , whose needs and aspirations are reflected in strategic decisions.


 LAG's strategy - is an integrated response to development needs of the district, in order to achieve sustainable development in all sectors. Strategic decisions are made in a way of combination social, economical and environmental activities in rural areas.

  • The vision of Šilalė district partnership Local Action Group –is developed strong network of partnerships and cooperation, involving local residents into the process of organization and decision making, promoting volunteering, civic awareness and creating conditions for improvement of life quality.
  • The mission of Šilalė district partnership Local Action Group is to strengthen representing interests of Šilalė district partnership LAG's in all levels, also to strengthen partnership between communities, business, government and media organizations, to promote the adoption of Leader and other programs funds for improvement of life quality in rural areas.

What is Leader (the name of program is a summary of initials of French term „Liaison Entre Actions de Développement de l'Économie Rurale") - is one of four EU Communities Initiatives (other - INTERREG, URBAN, EQUAL), which helps to introduce and test new techniques and concepts in implementation of important measures and to integrate them into the main EU programs.


The program is intended to rural development, by promoting local initiatives and partnership between various rural development participants. The program aims to help rural residents to raise the quality of life and economic welfare in their residential areas, by implementing integrated rural development strategies, prepared in accordance with the principle of territorial integrity.