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The strategy is implemented according the following priorities:


I priority Expansion of rural business and formation of conditions for them

Measures of the priority:

1.1 Promotion enterprise of rural population

Activities under this measure:

1.1.1. Transition to non-agricultural activities

1.1.2. Promotion of rural tourism

1.1.3. Support for business creation and development.

The aim of priority is developing a variety of business, encouraging rural people to assess their potential for an innovative and proactive approach to business.


II priority Improvement of communal and living environment

Measures of the priority:

2.1.Village renewal and development. The aim of measure - to mobilize rural population, using partnership with local government, business and community and  public support used in an effective way, to ensure eligible public infrastructure and improvement for various groups of rural people.

Activities under this measure:

2.1.1. Renovation and adaptation of public buildings to the needs of residents (possible ideas of the projects in this area: reconstruction  and adaptation to community needs; renewal and adaptation of community buildings (reconstruction, etc.) to various needs of residents; establishment of traditional handicraft centers, day centers; preservation and renewal of valuable objects of cultural heritage (chapels, barns, etc..) , arrangement and mounting of sewage and water management systems.

2.1.2. Arrangement and mounting of public spaces for recreation and pithy leisure spending(possible ideas of the projects in this area: equipment of sports and children's playgrounds, cleaning-up of coastal and mounting of recreational facilities; application and management of historical, ethnic cultural , architectural and other cultural heritage and areas).

The aim of priority is to develop mature community of district, who would be capable and able to improve quality of life and living environment.


  The Lithuanian version of local development strategy you can find here.